Thursday, February 15, 2007

Youtube Inconsistencies

I love youtube. There's a lot of great stuff on there. A lot of crap too, of course, but hey, that's life. And sometimes the crap is even enjoyable. At the same time, however, youtube annoys me. For all that it's worth, it sure could use a better interface. The main thing that bothers me though are the inconsistencies. I understand that maintaining consistency on a large site isn't necessarily as easy as it sounds, so I try to forgive them for minor errors between pages (i.e. when one page presents a certain value contradicted by the same value on another page). When one can find inconsistencies within a single page, however, that just seems unprofessional. In the example below, this is illustrated by the inconsistency between the value listed as the number of comments, and the actual number of comments. More frustrating still, is the fact that these numbers were actually swapped when I reloaded the page. See for yourself:

First Post

Decided to start this blog because occasionally there's random tech stuff I want to muse about. I figure a blog is the best way to go about that. So here it is, the random tech stuff blog.